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Dan Cassin Transforms People and Performance 

In Creative Leadership Dynamics and TEAM Development, 
Marketing, Internet Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and
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Dan LOVES Associations

It is a short flight from Louisville to most
event/ meeting locations

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and Dan will speak for you for less because
Dan loves to travel
& visit w/ your Members.

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SOOO, Dan provides a huge discount for
Associations on all Keynotes,
Seminars, Workshops
and book signings* at your event or meeting.

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[*You could also get Dan's book for free here]

Dan will either greatly Discount his speaking fee
OR pay his own travel/hotel/food.
He chooses based on length of Flight.
Your advise, based on your budget categories.

Dan will also offer a FREE seminar [w/Q&A] on one of the following:

"10 Steps to Recover Biz from the Recession NOW"

"10 of  the Best Creative Leadership Ideas for NOW"

"10 of  the Best Creative Marketing Ideas for NOW"

"10 of  the Best Internet Marketing Ideas for NOW"

"10 of  the Best Ideas for Avoiding ID Theft NOW"

"10 of  the Best Customer Service Ideas for NOW"

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by Dan Cassin

  Dan Cassin, Author and Speaker
   is authoring and speaking on all subjects
on this website and more!
Over 4000 hours of professional speaking, teaching and training
over the last 20 years.

Dan Can Enthusiastically Speak,
Educate, Entertain and Encourage your people.

"Creative * Keynotes©"

50+ Ideas to Transform Your
People into High Performers

What you will Learn:

What are the 10 Myths of Leadership?
[*or Identity Theft, Marketing. Internet Marketing, 
Customer Service, Sales or College Leadership]

10 People-Transforming Ideas you can use now.

10 Ways Leaders Devastate their People

10 Actions Leaders Take - Losers Donít
[in the areas listed above*]

10+ Creative Leadership* Ideas

Bonus: Advanced Creative Leadership* Ideas

and Dan speaks and is authoring books
on Leadership Dynamics & Development,
Marketing, Internet Marketing, Sales, Customer Service
& Identity Theft Risk Management.

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Special Places Deals

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and if you are near these, we can work out a deal
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