Am I His Lover or a Friend

When I first met Les, I did not think anything would come out of our relationship. A month later, when we woke up in bed together, it immediately struck me that he had become a special person in my life. I don’t normally jump out of bed and make someone tea and crumpets first thing in the morning. But, Les made me feel like I wanted to make to do just that. I have met a lot of men at outcall London escorts, but even in my private life, I had never come across a man like Les. He was even okay about me working for London escorts.

Falling in love with Les was easy to do. He was sweet and very caring, and that is something you learn to appreciate when you work for a London escorts service. Unlike many other men I had dated since I started to work for London escorts, he used to do little nice things like pick me up for dinner out of the blue. I really started to appreciate what Les was all about and I got that “forever” feeling. However, I was not sure if he felt the same way about me.

Fitting into his life can be rather demanding at times. He has a really busy lifestyle. At the same time, I am confused about our relationship on an emotional level. There are days when I am not sure whether I am his lover or friend. Sometimes he treats me like his best buddy, and other times, I seem to be his lover. It can be focusing and I am not sure where I stand. At London escorts, I know exactly what it is all about, and I know what to expect from my London escorts dates. With Les, I don’t always feel the same way.

How can you tell if you are a lover or a friend to the man in your life? It can be hard. Les loves to do all of the little things like buying me flowers. But, he is just as happy to give me a pair of spanners and ask me to fix his vintage airplane. At those times, I really do not know how I stand with him. I have tried to talk to the other girls at London escorts about the situation. They seem to think that Les and I are perfect partners and should be together.

Maybe this is how a true relationship feels. Knowing what is real can sometimes be hard when you work for a London escorts service, and it is easy to get confused. One of my best friends at London escorts says that there is a lot of truth to the old saying ‘ couples that play together stay together”. I have been thinking about that statement a lot recently and I have come to appreciate that it certainly applies to our relationship. I love to have fun with Les and we do in many ways play together. Could it be that we have a really good thing going? I am honestly beginning to think that I have found the right man for me

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