Amazing London Nightlife And The Escorts That Make It Even Better

I have always loved London. It is so peaceful and boasts its own exotic and natural beauty. However, one of the things I like most about it is its nightlife. This city never goes to sleep. I recently went there for a business trip together with one of my close colleagues. We were our company’s representatives, and we were going to attend a three-day conference.

Since the conference was over the weekend me and my colleague decided to visit one of the top bars in London where escorts dance and give company to the customers as well as serve drinks. As soon as we entered the bar we were approached by two semi-nude girls who almost looked like they were underage. They lead us to one of the tables and took our drink orders. All around we were surrounded by businessmen who were being entertained by girls who were young enough to probably be their daughters if not granddaughters.

The environment around us was full of smoke because most of the people were smoking and drinking. It was so loud that we had to shout just to hear each other. One of the girls by the name Cadi begins lap dancing for me while the other began rubbing on my colleague. She brings the drinks back, and she even brought drinks for her friend and hers and put it on our bill without asking, but I chose to let it pass because they were fun to be with. We begin drinking, and we also agreed that we would be taking them back to our hotel for a night of steamy sex.

Even though the environment around us is not so good, we decide to stay because we already came and we also have company. Suddenly a fight breaks between two men across the room, and there is no bouncer to separate them. One of the men suddenly pulls a gun, and the half-naked girls scream in terror and begin running. So in this commotion, we leave the bar and decide that next time we want escorts while in London we will get them from Charlotte escorts because they are not only organized but they can also recommend the best bars for us when we want to party a little with them. On our last day this is what we did and my first time in London will forever be memorable.

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