Never Rush Into Relationships

I have got this really bad habit of rushing into new relationships. It started before London escorts. When I was growing up, I really did not have the best of times, and I wanted to leave home. At the time I worked in a local store and started to chat to a man who was twice my age. Before I knew it we were living together, and I guess you can say that I kind of became his Sugar Babe. However , his kids did not like me, and when they found out that I worked part time in a London strip club, they went nuts. It was around this time I joined London escorts.

On some days, I even think that I rushed into London escorts. I did not stop and think how it would affect my life at all. I was only 20 years old when I joined a cheap escorts in London service and ever since then, I have been stuck in what I call “adult London’. Working for a London escorts service is okay, but it helps if you are a little bit older than 20 when you start to escort. The men who enjoy using escort services in London have a lot more life experience than you do, and it is not always easy. But, I can’t complain. Thanks to the help of some senior London escorts I have done okay, and I am now actually working for a top class London escorts service. There are advantages to the job, and privately I have done okay. I have my own flat and manage pretty well.

The only part of my life which is a real disaster area is my private relationships. I am not sure what I am going to do about that. For some reason, I always seem to end up with the wrong guy, and get used and abused. Recently I decided that I would stop dating for a while. I don’t know what happen but every guy I seemed to meet was a real jerk. Most of them only wanted to go out with me because I worked for this top class London escorts service. They told all of their friends about me, and it I started to feel that I was a bit out of sorts.

It was a bit like I was just a sex object to them, and I felt like a real slut. Many of the other girls at our London escorts have been through the same kind of experience. They have ended up in the wrong kind of relationships, and I have to admit, I think it is all too easy to get involved with a man. I don’t know what it is, but many of the girls I know are drawn to bad boys like a magnet. Yes, it happens to me to me, and I have arrived at the conclusion that I am going to stay away from relationships, and personal dating, after until I have left London escorts. Like so many other girls, I will probably have to re-invent myself after I have left the agency.

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